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Help us to buy an off-road pickup truck for Armed Forces in Kharkiv

The military unit defending Kharkiv now needs an off-road pickup truck, so the soldiers can be mobile and better protect our lands and people.

Kharkiv region is one of the regions which suffer most from the invasion, as it has a border with russia.

8 900 €

200 €

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About the request

The military unit needs an off-road pickup truck that groups of three-five soldiers can use. With the pickup, groups of soldiers can go further on their missions and be more mobile.

As the car is for military needs, we can't tell the exact name of the unit. That can put our defenders in danger. The military unit is near Kharkiv now, so the pickup truck would be on the first line of the front, where it's needed the most.

About the pickup

We found a used Nissan Pickup 2.5 TDi Navara in good condition that meets the needs of the military unit.

The cost of the pickup is approximately 8 900€. That covers the purchase, essential tech maintenance of the pickup and fuel from Europe to Kharkiv to deliver it.

Our volunteer group will make delivery from Europe, register at the customs and drive it to Kharkiv. We already had experience buying and delivering several ambulances and armoured cars, so we know all the flow. We`ll provide photos and documents of the pickup on this website and social media.

Help us

Help us save lives


Euro account

Beneficiary: Nazar Hembara

IBAN LT63 3250 0984 9414 1442




MFI Bank: 305299

Recipient of payment: HEMBARA NAZAR

IBAN UA233052990000026206733723581

The account of the recipient: 26206733723581

Card сurrency: UAH

USREOU code of the recipient: 3489907330

Payment description: Deposit funds into the account HEMBARA NAZAR

Do you need other requisites? Contact us, and we'll find the best way to make a donation and prepare all required documents.

Please email us at

Who we are

Before the all-out invasion, we ran businesses and launched startups, so we have strong digital and management skills. We use these skills to help the army and Ukrainians win the war sooner and survive this difficult time.

We deliver humanitarian and military aid, help people with evacuation, and launch tech solution that helps with coordination. Read about all our initiatives and results:

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