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Telemedicine centres on de-occupied territories


We opened 8 telemedicine centres in Kherson, Donetsk and Kharkiv regions.

We provide nurses on spots with telemedical equipment and connect them with their doctors who are currently in evacuation. Additionally, we connect them with specialized doctors and psychotherapists. People can receive this necessary help on time in their location, which helps save their health and cope with the consequences of occupation.

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How does everything work?


People in their locality turn to the telemedicine centre based on the outpatient clinic or FAP.


The nurse agrees with the family doctor, specialist doctors or a psychotherapist about a telemedical consultation.


All consultations are free for people with a referral from their family doctor. We also have volunteer doctors and partners ready to support the centres.


On the consultation day, the patient comes and communicates with the doctor via videoconference.


The nurse helps examine the patient using telemedicine equipment and shares the examination results with the doctor.


After the consultation, the patient receives all necessary recommendations, referrals, etc. If consultation with other specialists is necessary, the nurse makes arrangements for further consultations.

Why is this important?

Many doctors evacuated from the de-occupied territories through the security component. Hospitals are destroyed. There is no transport, the roads are very bad, and not everywhere it's safe to drive.

But people stay in these territories, and they need medical assistance. Thanks to telemedicine centres, we can restore access to many doctors and services, and people do not have to travel tens of kilometres to the nearest hospital.

Telemedicine equipment of the centres


Portable cardiograph

Allows you to make a cardiogram and send it to the doctor



Allows you to measure the volume of air that is exhaled


Electronic stethoscope

Allows you to listen and make a recording of the lungs, heart, etc. and transmit it to the doctor



Allows you to perform rapid tests for hemoglobin, cholesterol, uric acid and urine analysis according to 11 indicators


USB otoscope

Allows you to view and take a photo or video of the ears, throat and nose and send it to the doctor


Basic equipment

A basic set of nurses for various manipulations

How to help telemedicine centres

Join as a doctor

Conduct telemedical consultations for patients from the de-occupied territories who seek a referral from a family doctor. 


To join, write

Humanitarian aid 

In addition to consultations with doctors, people always need medicines, medical consumables (for example, for sugar analysis) and others. We regularly visit the centres, so we will happily deliver your help. Email

Support financially

Support us with a donation for the needs of the team and centres: car repair, purchase of medicine, etc.

The project was supported

This project was created by the NGO "CASERS" thanks to a grant received from the Program "Support of Civil Society Organizations in Ukraine" with the financial support of the British Embassy Kyiv. The program is implemented by Crown Agents in partnership with International Alert and in cooperation with Crown Agents in Ukraine. The content of this page does not necessarily reflect the views of the British Embassy Kyiv, Crown Agents, International Alert and Crown Agents in Ukraine.

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