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Donate ambulances to Ukraine

Due to the war in our country, the number of wounded soldiers and civilians who need medical help and transportation is extremely high. Because of that, our hospitals, army medics and paramedic volunteers need more ambulances to be able to help.

We're looking for organizations that can transfer ambulances to us as charitable support. Our volunteers' group have dozens of request and know where it is needed.

We can provide you with official requests from governance or military administration of Lviv region or other documents you need.


About the request

Because of the war, the medical units of the army, paramedical volunteer organizations and hospitals work day and night. Under such conditions, the need for ambulances to transport wounded soldiers and civilians significantly increases. The intensity of damage and loss of vehicles increases too.

We've already delivered a few ambulances for medics in different regions. And the more we do, the more requests for ambulances we get. 

There are a lot of medics or volunteer paramedics in Ukraine who can't help because they don't have a vehicle to go where they are needed. Let's give it to them and help them save lives!

Do you have:

— plans to renew your ambulances park and can give decommissioned ambulances to Ukrainian medics?

— more ambulances than you need for your work and so some of them aren't used?

— resources for purchasing an ambulance with a subsequent free transfer for the needs of Ukrainian medics?

Help us

Donate ambulances to us!


You find an ambulance

If you have an ambulance that you can give to support Ukraine, please write to us. That's all you need to do.


We deliver it

We'll prepare all documents needed for transportation, manage all the logistics to Ukraine, do a basic tech checkup and deliver it where it's needed.


You get a report

We prepare stickers with your logo or other info, brand the ambulance with it and provide you with photo- and video reports after delivery.

About our experience

We already had experience buying and delivering several ambulances and armoured cars for medics in Kyiv and Regional Disaster Response Teams in Dnipro and Kryvyj Rih. We know all the flow and nuances to deliver it quickly.

We lack the resources to buy as many ambulances as medics in Ukraine need. But we will be happy to use our experience to help you donate your ambulances to save lives in Ukraine. 

You can read about our previous deliveries and other initiatives by the link.

Are you ready to help? Do you have questions? Do you need specific documents or confirmations? Contact us, and we'll find the best solution for that.

Please email us at

Do you want to support us as a private person?

We continue collecting money to buy some ambulances, and you can support us by monetary donation of any amount.

Who we are

Before the all-out invasion, we ran businesses and launched startups, so we have strong digital and management skills. We use these skills to help the army and Ukrainians win the war sooner and survive this difficult time.

We deliver humanitarian and military aid, help people with evacuation, and launch tech solution that helps with coordination. Read about all our initiatives and results:

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