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Thank you for helping us to buy an ambulance for medics of the Armed Forces in Kharkiv!

Together with our donators and supporters, we purchased an ambulance for a new medical brigade in the Kharkiv region.


They will use an ambulance to evacuate wounded soldiers  from the battlefield and provide emergency medical care to soldiers on the front lines. Request for medical care is very high in this region, and with an ambulance, medics will save more lives.



About the ambulance

We found a good used ambulance in Poland. It's small and mobile, matches most needs for evacuation.

After ambulances arrived in Lviv, we did a basic tech checkup and painted it, as army medics will use it. You can see its "civil" version in the photos, as well as the painting process.

After that, we delivered ambulances to Kharkiv and gave the keys to the newly formed army unit commander.

Finance report

Ambulance with delivery to the military base — $9,600

Service + Painting — $555

Total — $10,155

We're so grateful to all people who donated to make it real!

BotsCrew — $3,886.48

Daria Zakrevska — $1,666.67

Julian Yustianovych — $1,000.00

Abulfaz Ahmad & Ogli Ahmedov — $972.22

D'vorah Kost — $700.00

Lilia Ryvak — $611.08

Anna Stephenson — $263.16

Campbell Hyers — $250.00

Vasileios Vyzas — $182.22

Rogelio Sebastion — $105.26

Igor & Eveline Buchatskiy — $100.00

Eugene Ursalov — $83.33

Nadiia Yuzkova — $55.56

Sergey Zadyraka — $52.63

Oleksandr Yefremov — $50.00

Mykola Kovalchuk — $27.78

Anonymous donator — $27.78

Victor Gursky — $27.78

Myroslava Domanitska — $20.54

Zane Bojare — $20.29

Bogdan Kidyk — $13.89

Anna Makota — $13.89

Alexandra Balkova — $13.89

Dmytro Tregub — $5.56

Evdokimov Maxim — $5.56

Help us

Help us save lives

We don't stop on that! Help our new initiatives to save more Ukrainians' lives, help us win the war and bring peace to our homes.

Who we are

Before the all-out invasion, we ran businesses and launched startups, so we have strong digital and management skills. We use these skills to help the army and Ukrainians win the war sooner and survive this difficult time.

We deliver humanitarian and military aid, help people with evacuation, and launch tech solution that helps with coordination. Read about all our initiatives and results:

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