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Organization of medical care


Most doctors evacuated from the frontline and de-occupied territories. Hospitals are overloaded with wounded soldiers. Pharmacies don't work. There is no transportation.

But people still live there, and they have many medical problems. We organize family doctor consultations so people can get recommendations, referrals to specialists or hospitalizations and prescriptions for medicines, and help with transfer for hospitalization and medical evacuations.

We are always looking for more opportunities for medical help and evacuations. We need money for fuel, medical supplies etc. Donate to help us help more people!

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Our experience

We've been evacuating people as ambulance drivers from Kramatorsk, Petropavlovsk, Pokrovsk, Dnipro, Bakhmut, Odesa and other cities for several months. We also worked as a mobile hospital so and realized that many people need medical help on the spot.

That's why we started to organize consultations with family doctors to help people access quality medical care and the Ukrainian health system. Now we focus on de-occupied territories of the Donetsk region.

How we help

We have different work areas to help people get medical assistance and save their health and lives.

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Telemedicine centres

8 centres on de-occupied territories, where people have stable connections with their doctors who are currently in evacuation. Additionally, we connect them with specialized doctors and psychotherapists.

Mobile medical centres

We work as a mobile medical centre in de-occupied territories of Donetsk, Kherson and Kharkiv regions. We come with doctors of different specializations to meet the needs of people and make our visits more efficient.

Medical evacuations and hospitalizations

We evacuated low-mobile people from the frontline regions with an ambulance. Also, we help low-mobile people from de-occupied territories to get to the hospital and organize hospitalizations.

Humanitarian aid

We always provide people with need medicines after consultations with our doctors, but we're always happy to deliver other humanitarian aid from our partners or support people with aid from our organization. 

We thank Legacy of war foundation for providing the ambulances to us and the opportunity to help people in times of war.

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Angelina Jolie post about Ukrainian NGOs

"National NGOs in Ukraine have only received 0.003% of funds raised internationally. This model has to change to more direct support for local organizations. This strengthens civil society, gives more self-determination to local communities, and ensures all funds from donations go to support the local economy. Local organizations with teams from the communities they represent offer the most effective, dignified and sustainable way to support communities dealing with trauma and recovering from war, displacement and climate change."

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