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Help us to buy two ambulances for Regional Disaster Response Teams

Regional Disaster Response Teams in Dnipro and Kryvyj Rih need two ambulances for evacuation. There are a lot of requests for the transportation of the wounded and seriously ill people. They need medical assistance and special conditions for transportation that can be provided in ambulances.

20 000 €

11400 €

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About Regional Disaster Response Teams

Regional Disaster Response Teams (RDRT) are Red Cross Rapid Response Teams operating worldwide.

In Ukraine, the Rapid Response Unit of the National Red Cross Society of Ukraine (NRCSU) was established in 1995. Until 2014, the work area focused on training specialists to set up tent camps for refugees.

From December 1, 2013, because of the confrontation between protesters and security forces on Bankova Street, the Kyiv Rapid Response Team began active work in Kyiv. Throughout the Maidan, more than 50 volunteers assisted all parties to the conflict, following the principles of the Red Cross and humanitarian law.

In 2015, centres were established in almost all major cities of Ukraine: Odesa, Donetsk, Luhansk, Kharkiv, Dnipro, Zaporizhia, Ternopil, Kyiv, as well as Debaltseve, Mariupol and other cities, where volunteers were at the epicentre of tragic events and provided assistance often at risk for their own lives.

Currently, volunteers work throughout Ukraine, except for the non-government-controlled territories of Donetsk and Luhansk oblasts and the Crimea. The work of volunteers of Rapid Response Teams is carried out with the support of concerned citizens of Ukraine, with the help of international organizations and government agencies.

About the ambulances

Two Regional Disaster Response Teams now need ambulances to evacuate wounded and seriously ill people in Dnipro and Kryvyj Rih. 


The cost of one ambulance with all the needed equipment is 10K €. To buy two ambulances, we need 20K €.

Our volunteer group already had experience buying and delivering an ambulance. Three weeks ago, we helped doctors of a military unit in Kyiv and found an ambulance and armoured car for them.


Now we want to support Regional Disaster Response Teams so that they can help more people in Dnipro and Kryvyj Rih.

UPD: we've already bought one of the ambulances. It's on the way to Ukraine.

Help us

Help us save lives


Euro account

Beneficiary: Nazar Hembara

IBAN LT63 3250 0984 9414 1442




MFI Bank: 305299

Recipient of payment: HEMBARA NAZAR

IBAN UA233052990000026206733723581

The account of the recipient: 26206733723581

Card сurrency: UAH

USREOU code of the recipient: 3489907330

Payment description: Deposit funds into the account HEMBARA NAZAR

Do you need other requisites? Contact us, and we`ll find the best way to make a donation and prepare all required documents.

Please email us at

Who we are

Before the all-out invasion, we ran businesses and launched startups, so we have strong digital and management skills. We use these skills to help the army and Ukrainians win the war sooner and survive this difficult time.

We deliver humanitarian and military aid, help people with evacuation, and launch tech solution that helps with coordination. Read about all our initiatives and results:

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