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Medical help team


Due to injuries, disabilities, or diseases, many people have lower mobility and need special transportation. Many wounded soldiers and civilians need evacuation on ambulances from the most dangerous regions.

Together with volunteers-paramedics from different countries and in partnership with Ukrainian and foreign NGOs, we organize ambulance transportation.

Always looking for more opportunities for medical evacuations. The whole crew are volunteers, but still we need money for fuel, medical supplies etc. Donate to help us evacuate more people!

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About evacuations

We've already been evacuating people for several weeks as ambulance drivers. Together with volunteers-paramedics from Norway and Estonia, in partnership with Norwegian organizations "Ukraine we are here" and "Восток SOS", we've evacuated dozens of people from Kramatorsk, Petropavlovsk, Pokrovsk, Dnipro, Odesa and other cities.

The demand for such evacuation is very high, as many soldiers and civilians get injured and need transportation to safe places for medical treatment and rehabilitation.

Some of medical help cases

We can't tell stories of every evacuated person because of the privacy, security of our soldiers and other reasons. But here are stories of some people we helped.

Telemedicine consultations. Drobyshevo


The village of Drobyshevo, de-occupied territory, Donetsk region. We've already organized several consultations with doctors here, but the need is still significant. So we brought Starlink, a computer, a printer and all the necessary equipment for medical examinations and organized online consultations with a family doctor.

This time we had 25 patients, of which four were urgent. All got their prescriptions and recommendations. On the way back, we took one lady to Dnipro for hospitalization and another to Slovyansk for further medical exams.

Photos: Yuichi Mori

Consultations with a doctor. Novoselivka


Offline consultations with a doctor in the village of Novoselivka, Donetsk region. We have already organized online consultations here, and now we have come with Mrs Olena Kondratenko and the Medichna praktika hospital

We have consulted as many as 34 patients in a day — the need for medical assistance here remains high. Three of them were urgent cases, and we immediately transported two patients to Dnipro and then to Kremenchuk with the help of Vostok SOS.

Photos: Yuichi Mori

Consultations with a doctor. Shandrygolove


We came with Ms. Olena Kondratenko and a hospital Medichna praktika to the village of Shandrygolove, Donetsk region.

The doctor consulted 19 people, 3 of them were urgent. We immediately took one patient to the Dnipro, and then to Kremenchuk's cardiology with the help of Vostok SOS.

Consultations with a doctor. Yatskivka


Consultations with a doctor in the Yatskivka village, Donetsk region.

Together with Ms. Olena Kondratenko and the hospital Medichna praktika, we had 21 patients, 3 of them were urgent. We are glad to give people the opportunity to consult with a doctor for the first time in a month. Two patients are already planning to visit the hospital for further examination.

An older man with a heart attack


An older man was brought to the consultation with a doctor with severe shortness of breath, high blood pressure and weakness in the body, with suspicion of a heart attack. The doctor issued an urgent electronic referral for hospitalization, and we immediately took him to the hospital in Dnipro.
Eight days passed, the man received the necessary treatment, he got better, and we had already helped him to return home.
It is hard to imagine what would have happened if we had not come to this village that day. Unfortunately, 103 has yet to resume work in this area steadily.

Medicines for de-occupied villages


After consultations with doctors in the villages, people have a lot of prescribed medicines. On the de-occupied territories, it's challenging to find a working pharmacy, and there is no transportation between settlements.

We bought and sorted all prescribed medicines and made easy-to-read reminders about when and what drugs to take. Also, we prepared information guides about common problems, such as diabetes or stroke.

Online access to doctors


We brought doctors to the villages of Novoselivka and Drobyshevo, Donetsk region. Many doctors from the region were evacuated. Hospitals are overloaded with wounded soldiers from the frontline. There is no transport connection as well as network. People do not have access to doctors, the opportunity to receive advice, prescriptions for medicines, or referrals to other specialists.

We arranged appointments with doctors right in the villages, in comfort and under conditions of confidentiality. A nurse helped measure sugar, blood pressure and did other tests. Doctors connected online and consulted people, gave recommendations and prescribed treatment. The need for access to doctors in the de-occupied territories remains huge, so we are happy to help.

We thank Legacy of war foundation for providing the ambulance to us and the opportunity to help people in times of war.

What we see during evacuations

Please look at what volunteer paramedics and drivers see during their missions.

This is behind photos of smiling people in ambulances. They're smiling, not because they're happy. It's because volunteers came there for them.


Help us save lives


Name of the legal entity: HO "KEYSERS"

EDRPOU code: 41205318

IBAN UA33 351005 00000 26003879151313

Beneficiary bank 

UKRSIBBANK Joint Stock Company






Intermediary bank

BNP PARIBAS U.S.A. - New York Branch,

New York, USA



Name of the legal entity: HO "KEYSERS"

EDRPOU code: 41205318

UA51 351005 00000 26002879151314

Beneficiary bank 

UKRSIBBANK Joint Stock Company






Intermediary bank






Name of the legal entity: HO "KEYSERS"

EDRPOU code: 41205318


Beneficiary bank 

UKRSIBBANK Joint Stock Company

(Акціонерне товариство «УКРСИББАНК»)


LT78 3250 0461 1458 0776


Подати запит на медевакуацію 

Якщо вам потрібна евакуація машиною швидкої з медичним супроводом — заповніть форму на сторінці й ми з вами звʼяжемося.

This is information for people from Ukraine on how to get medical evacuation.

Шукаємо команду швидкої 

Шукаємо в команду водія швидкої допомоги та лікарів, які готові до виїздів на 3 – 4 дні на деокуповані території для медичної допомоги людям.

This is information for people from Ukraine about the volunteer driver vacancy.

Do you want to help?

👉 Would you like to come as a volunteer?

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👉 Do you have ideas for initiatives to implement together?

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Who we are

Before the all-out invasion, we ran businesses and launched startups, so we have strong digital and management skills. We use these skills to help the army and Ukrainians win the war sooner and survive this difficult time.

We deliver humanitarian and military aid, help people with evacuation, and launch tech solution that helps with coordination. Read about all our initiatives and results:

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